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Saturday Night Special is an American comedy-variety show that aired weekly on Saturday nights on Fox.


This show was a competitor to Saturday Night Live, with a similar format of comedy skits and musicians. It debuted on April 1, 1996, through May 18, 1996, airing in the same timeslot as the temporarily displaced MADtv.

The theme song to the show was War's "Low Rider".


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Production credits[edit]

  • Troy Miller and Keith Alcorn (Directors)
  • Roseanne Barr (Executive Producer)
  • Craig J. Nevius (Co-Producer)
  • Troy Miller (Producer)
  • Eric Beetner (Film Editor)
  • Michele Spadaro (Set Decorator)
  • Keith Alcorn and Nick Gibbons (Art Department)
  • Paul Claerhout (Animator)
  • Eric Mazer (Production Coordinator)
  • Kenneth Paul Schoenfeld {Makeup Department Head}
  • Gary M. Cambra(Music Composer)
  • Taylor M. Uhler (Music Composer)
  • Fox Network (Production Company)

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