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First issue cover

Saturn was a short-lived bi-monthly, digest sized science fiction magazine published by Candar Publishing out of New York City. It produced only five issues from 1957 to 1958 as a science fiction magazine before changing to a detective magazine and then to a horror magazine specializing in weird tales.[1] It was renamed as Saturn Web Detective Directory in August 1958.[1] It existed with the name 'Web Terror Stories until June 1965.[1]


  • March 1957 – March 1958, as Saturn, The Magazine of Science Fiction[1]
  • August 1958 – July 1959, as Saturn Web Detective Stories
  • September 1959 – September 1961, as Web Detective Stories
  • August 1962 – June 1965, as Web Terror Stories[1]


  • March 1957 – March 1958: Donald A. Wollheim
  • May 1958 – June 1965: Robert C. Sproul

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