Saturn Cycling Team

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Saturn Cycling Team
Team information
DisciplineRoad, cyclo-cross
Key personnel
General managerTom Schuler
Team name history
Saturn Cycling Team

The Saturn Cycling Team was an American cycling team that existed from 1992 to 2003. It was managed by Tom Schuler and sponsored by the Saturn Corporation.


United States National Road Race Championships, Norman Alvis
United States National Criterium Championships, Frank McCormack
Killington Stage Race, Frank McCormack
Giro del Capo, Scott Mercier
Tour de Toona, Scott Mercier
International Cycling Classic, Fred Rodriguez
United States National Road Race Championships, Bart Bowen
United States National Cyclo-cross Championships, Mark McCormack
Herald Sun Tour, Norman Alvis
Tour de Toona, Norman Alvis
Tour of Japan, Bart Bowen
International Cycling Classic, Frank McCormack
Tour of Japan, Frank McCormack
Fitchburg Longsjo Classic, Frank McCormack
Fitchburg Longsjo Classic, Bart Bowen
Tour de Beauce, Levi Leipheimer
Sea Otter Classic, Frank McCormack
Joe Martin Stage Race, Erin Hartwell
Lancaster Classic, Trent Klasna
Killington Stage Race, Chris Wherry
United States National Time Trial Championships, Trent Klasna
Canadian National Time Trial Championships, Eric Wohlberg
United States National Criterium Championships, Harm Jansen
Tour de Toona, Harm Jansen
Redlands Bicycle Classic, Trent Klasna
Sea Otter Classic, Trent Klasna
Nature Valley Grand Prix, Frank McCormack
Fitchburg Longsjo Classic, Eric Wohlberg
Mount Washington Hillclimb, Tim Johnson
Canadian National Road Race Championships, Eric Wohlberg
GP Weltour, Chris Fisher
International Cycling Classic, Viktor Rapinski
Tour de Nez, Eric Wohlberg
United States National Road Race Championships, Mark McCormack
Canadian National Time Trial Championships, Eric Wohlberg
Sea Otter Classic, Nathan O'Neill
Fitchburg Longsjo Classic, Viktor Rapinski
International Cycling Classic, Viktor Rapinski
Redlands Bicycle Classic, Chris Horner
Tour de Georgia, Chris Horner
Herald Sun Tour, Tim Johnson
Nature Valley Grand Prix, Trent Klasna
Cascade Cycling Classic, Tom Danielson
Mount Washington Hillclimb, Tom Danielson
Pomona Valley Stage Race, Tom Danielson
Tour de Langkawi, Tom Danielson
Tour de Toona, Tom Danielson
Tour de Delta, William Frischkorn
San Francisco Grand Prix, Chris Horner

List of riders[edit]

Name Birth date Nationality Years
Matthew Anand 01/10/1971  Canada 1999
Norman Alvis 12/07/1963  United States 1995-1998
Rahsaan Bahati 13/02/1982  United States 2002-2003
Darren Hugh Baker 13/06/1967  United States 1994
Michael Barry 18/12/1975  Canada 1999-2001
Steve Bauer 12/06/1959  Canada 1996
Bart Bowen 22/04/1967  United States 1994-2000
Jonas Carney 03/02/1971  United States 1994-1995
Antonio Cruz 31/10/1971  United States 2000
Tom Danielson 13/03/1978  United States 2003
Matthew Decanio 05/04/1977  United States 2001
Charles Dionne 15/03/1979  United States 2003
Iván Domínguez 28/05/1976  Cuba 2001-2003
Jeff Evanshine 02/10/1973  United States 1996-1997
Christopher Fischer 04/07/1969  United States 2001-2002
Scott Fortner 22/05/1966  United States 1993-1998
Esteban Fraga 06/01/1965  Ecuador 1994
Mariano Friedick 09/01/1975  United States 1997-1998
William Frischkorn 10/06/1981  United States 2002-2003
Jimmy Hansen 17/08/1978  Denmark 1999
Erin Hartwell 01/06/1969  United States 2000-2001
Steve Hegg 03/12/1963  United States 1997
Chris Horner 23/10/1971  United States 2003
Harm Jansen 08/11/1967  Netherlands 2000-2002
Tim Johnson 05/08/1977  United States 2001-2003
Ron Kiefel 11/04/1960  United States 1994-1995
Trent Klasna 09/12/1969  United States 2000-2003
Damon Kluck 23/06/1977  United States 2002
Levi Leipheimer 24/10/1973  United States 1998-1999
John Loehner 27/07/1968  United States 1993
Mike McCarthy 20/06/1968  United States 1995-1998
David Mac Cook 24/12/1969  United States 1993
Frank McCormack 28/05/1969  United States 1995-2002
Mark McCormack 15/09/1970  United States 1996-2003
Steve Scott McGregor 29/10/1968  United States 1994
Scott McKinley 15/10/1968  United States 1995-1996
Chann McRae 11/10/1971  United States 1997-1998
Tommy Matush 12/03/1968  United States 1993
Scott Mercier 24/01/1968  United States 1993-1996
Andrew Miller 12/03/1968  United States 1993
Bob Mionske 26/04/1962  United States 1993
Jan Neal 27/10/1974  United States 1993
Nathan O'Neill 23/11/1974  United States 2003
Seth Pelusi 27/11/1976  United States 1999-2000
Soren Petersen 07/10/1967  Denmark 2001-2002
Viktor Rapinski 17/06/1981  Belarus 2002-2003
Nate Reiss 07/10/1963  United States 1994
Fred Rodriguez 03/09/1973  United States 1996-1998
Adham Sbeih 08/06/1963  United States 1999
Chris Sheehan 28/02/1969  United States 1993
Clarke Sheehan 07/04/1969  United States 1993
Gregory Strock 30/05/1972  United States 1993
Peter Stubenrauch 26/10/1969  United States 1993
Jose Hernandez 22/02/1974  Mexico 2002-2003
Jay Sweet 11/08/1975  Australia 2002
Tim Swift 25/01/1964  United States 1994-1995
Burke Swindlehurst 10/03/1973  United States 1999
Fernando Tapia 08/07/1973  Mexico 1994
Robbie Ventura 05/05/1971  United States 1994-1995, 1999-2000
Brian Walton 18/12/1975  Canada 1993-2000
Chris Wherry 18/07/1973  United States 1997-2000
Eric Wohlberg 08/01/1965  Canada 2001-2003
Philip Zajicek 20/03/1979  United States 2003