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The Saturn MLV was a proposed concept family of rockets, intended as a follow-on to the Saturn V. MLV stands for "Modified Launch Vehicle".

Vehicle configurations representative of several alternative uprating methods were specified by the Marshall Space Flight Center for initial studies.

Proposed Modifications[edit]

  1. Thrust uprating and modifying of the five F-1 rocket engines used in the first S-IC stage, and corresponding increases in propellant tank capacities.
  2. Addition of a sixth F-1 engine in the S-IC stage, as an alternative to engine uprating, plus increased propellant capacities.
  3. Use of solid rocket motor boosters derived from the Titan IIIC vehicle.
  4. Additional J-2 engines in the S-II stage, ~131 s increased upper stage propellant capacities.
  5. Improved or advanced upper stage engines, such as the HG-3 (rocket engine), plus increased propellant capacities.

The baseline Saturn MLV would incorporate these changes from the Saturn V vehicle. Saturn IC (first stage) stretched 240 inches with 5.6 million pounds propellant and 5 new F-1A engines; S-II (second stage) stretched 41 inches with 1.0 million pounds propellant and 5 J-2 engines; S-IVB (third stage) strengthened, but with standard 230,000 lbs propellant, 1 J-2 engine.

MLV Variants
1st Stage 2nd Stage 3rd Stage LEO Payload
MLV-V-1 MS-IC-1 MS-II MS-IVB 137,250 kg
MLV-V-1A MS-IC-1A MS-II-1A MS-IVB-1A 145,000 kg
MLV-V-1/J-2T/200K MS-IC-1 MS-II-1-J-2T/200K - -
MLV-V-1/J-2T/250K MS-IC-1 MS-II-1-J-2T/250K - -
MLV-V-2 MS-IC-1 MS-II-1 MS-IVB-2 137,250 kg
MLV-V-3 MS-IC-1 MS-II-2 MS-IVB-2 160,440 kg
MLV-V-4(S)* S-IC MS-II-4(S)B MS-IVB-1 118,000 kg
MLV-V-4(S)-A* MS-IC-4(S)-B MS-II-1 MS-IVB-1 160,880 kg

*) Indicates zero stage strap on boosters. In both cases 4x-Titan UA-1205


  • [1] "Modified Launch Vehicle (MLV) Saturn V Improvement Study Composite Summary Report", NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), July 1965, 76 pages. Improved Saturn V configurations studied under contract NAS8-11359.

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