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Sathyan Madakkara (or Satyan M.) is a poet in Malayalam literature.


Satyan Madakkara was born in 1962 in Madakkara, near Vatakara, India.[citation needed] His father is C.C. Madakkara, a writer and social activist, and his mother is Shantha.[citation needed] During his school and college days, he was very interested in the Malayalam literature and was also involved in various social activities. After his graduation in Economics (B.Com.), he was actively involved in writing poems, and teaching the Malayalam language.[citation needed]

At present he works for Dibba Sea Port, Fujerah, UAE; for the past 22 years.[citation needed]

He is recipient of various awards like Abu Dhabi Malayali Samajam Award, Abu Dhabi Shakti Award and Sahrudaya Award by Kerala Readers and Writers Circle (Vayanakkuttam) UAE Chapter.

His published collection of poems are Manal (sand), Kappalillatha turamukham (port without ship) and Oru malsyavum jalashayam nirmikkunnilla (No fish makes any lake).[1] - published by DC Books.[2]


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