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Satyapal Chandra
Satyapal Chandra.jpg
Satyapal Chandra at a promtional event
Born (1987-11-01) 1 November 1987 (age 29)
Malhari, Gaya, Bihar
Education Anugrah Memorial College
School of Open Learning
Delhi University
Occupation Author, Entrepreneur, Director, Lyricist, Screenwriter
Years active 2011
Website Official website

Satyapal Chandra[1] born 1 November 1987 is an Indian author, Entrepreneur, director,[2] screenwriter, lyricist and motivational speaker. He is founder of OnlyLoudest Education and Ofcourse Crazy Media.[3] He has penned novels of various genres[4] including romance, crime, suspense, mystery, social, supernatural and young adult fiction.

Early life and education[edit]

He hails from a remote village, Malhari, situated in the Gaya district of Bihar.[5] He belongs to a very small farmer family. He had a very rough childhood facing various kinds of problems like Poverty and different form of violence.[6] His initial name was Ravi Shankar. It was a very constant phase of depression for him. He has finished his primary education from S S High School, a government school situated in Pandeypura, Chatra, Jharkhand. He has finished his higher secondary education from Anugrah Memorial College Gaya, Bihar. He has finished his education in Hindi[7] Medium till higher secondary.[8] He was very keen to learn other languages and read Urdu for three years. After completing Higher secondary examination, he decided not to continue his education and moved to Delhi. Initially, it was a phase of constant struggle and he worked for various companies occupying various designations. Soon he got very keen to learn English. Various phases of his professional life nurtured his true artistic passion. Later on he enrolled himself in School of Open Learning, University of Delhi to obtain a graduation degree. His academic accomplishments included various accolades and awards.

Beliefs and ideology[edit]

He deeply believes in the ideology of Liberal Humanism. Although he doesn't relate himself to any religion and practice Atheism, he is deeply influenced by Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. He loved the poetry of different Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu's writers. Islam has played a very crucial role in the initial phase of his life. He has also adopted an Islamic name for himself, Nemtullah Khan, and still widely recognises by this name. He is an ardent supporter of the philosophy of peaceful coexistence of all caste, creed and religion. He has supported various causes of women empowerment, humanity[9] and upliftment[10] of the various strata of society.

Writing career[edit]

His first novel The Most Eligible Bachelor[11] published in 2011 by Mahaveer publishers.The book is about Communalism, youth struggle and entrepreneurship.[1] Subsequently the same year his second book Golden Angel And The Darkness Of Midnight published in the Diamond Books. This book is a mysterious fiction based on the friendship between an angel and a human and he has plans to finish it in various parts. In year 2012, he has published six novels. An Innocent Traitor is a crime fiction based on Mafia life and reality of India and Dreams Revenge And Confession is an adult fiction based on illicit relationship. Both novels have been published by Pigeon Books India. My Life Is For You is a romantic fiction, Women's Desire is fiction based on various issues of modern life and For Your Beautiful Dreams is again a romantic fiction which all have been published by Diamond Books.A Crazy Careless Life, a fiction based on abject social reality and communal violence is published by Mahaveer Publishers. In 2013, he has published his next book After All You Are My Destiny,[12] a romantic fiction based on a coincidental journey of two strangers. The book has been published by Diamond books.[13] His tenth book When Heaven Falls Down[14] is published by Mahaveer Publishers.


  1. The Most Eligible Bachelor-2011[15]
  2. Golden Angel And The Darkness Of Midnight-2011
  3. An Innocent Traitor-2012
  4. Dreams Revenge And Confession-2012
  5. My Life Is For You-2012
  6. A Crazy Careless Life-2012
  7. Women's Desire-2012
  8. For Your Beautiful Dreams-2012
  9. After All You Are My Destiny-2013
  10. When Heaven Falls Down-2015[16]


The release of his tenth novel When Heaven Falls Down,[17] a romantic novel which has enough contents based on communal conflagration, rape by religious leaders,[18] love-jihad, reality of Indian health care system, Medical negligence, Prostitution and corruption in Indian education system caused immediate controversy[19] as it was seen as an irreverent depiction of Maulvi. It was alleged that content of this book is full of harsh languages against Muslim[20] showing the naked reality of India where Hindus and Muslims[21] still keep arguing and fighting against each other to prove whose religion is better. A part of the story where a girl is raped by four Maulvies[22] invited sharp criticism.[23] A Maulvi and a Muslim group in Gaya have protested against the author[24] and have asked the book to be banned.[25] He responded[26] by saying he didn't intend to hurt Maulvis[27] and he didn't want to project any generalization towards the whole religion through it. The only motto behind writing this book was to promote communal harmony in society by diminishing social hatred. Later on his native house was attacked[28] and abusive posters were affixed.[29][30][31] A police complain was registered in local police station[32] against unknown perpetrators.[33][34][35]

Other works[edit]

He has founded OnlyLoudest[3] with Dheeraj Kumar, Chandan Kumar Chandan, Atinder Gill and Sanu Siddharth, which is an online edutainment and infotainment portal. He has worked on various creative projects occupying different roles like Lyricists,[36] screenwriter[37] and Creative Director.[38] As a motivational speaker, he has attended many seminars[39] organised by different colleges and NGOs.[40] He is honorary member of many human right[41] and other organizations. He has widely written articles on many subjects for various websites.


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