Sau Reservoir

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Sau Reservoir
The reservoir in 2005
Sau Reservoir is located in Catalonia
Sau Reservoir
Location of Pantà de Sau
Official namePantà de Sau
LocationVilanova de Sau, Catalonia
Coordinates41°58′5″N 2°24′47″E / 41.96806°N 2.41306°E / 41.96806; 2.41306Coordinates: 41°58′5″N 2°24′47″E / 41.96806°N 2.41306°E / 41.96806; 2.41306
Opening date1962
Dam and spillways
Type of damGravity dam
Height83 m
Length260 m
Total capacity151.3 hm³
Catchment area1522 km²
Surface area572.8 ha

Sau Reservoir (Catalan: Pantà de Sau) is a reservoir located on the Ter river, near Vilanova de Sau, Catalonia, Spain. The dam was completed in 1962, creating a reservoir with a storage capacity of 151.3 hm³ that covered the former town of Sant Romà de Sau. The Church of Sant Romà is still visible when the water level is low. The dam has a structural height of 83 m and a crest length of 260 m.[1][2]

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