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Sauce ravigote is a classic, lightly acidic sauce in French cuisine, which may be prepared either warm or cold. The warm sauce is classically based upon a vegetable or meat broth, or a velouté, with herbs.[1][2] Current recipes often add Dijon mustard.[3] The cold sauce is based on a vinaigrette.[4]

Many other preparations pass under the term ravigote, but in general ravigote sauces are highly seasoned with chopped, sautéed shallots or onion, capers and herbs: ravigoté connotes "reinvigorated", "freshened up".[5] It is generally served with mild flavored proteins or those that have been boiled or poached, such as fish,[2] fowl, eggs and, traditionally, with tête de veau, jellied hare, head cheese, pâté or calves' brains.[6]


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