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View of the fjord
Saudafjorden is located in Rogaland
Location in Rogaland county
Location Rogaland county, Norway
Coordinates 59°37′27″N 6°18′39″E / 59.6242°N 6.3109°E / 59.6242; 6.3109Coordinates: 59°37′27″N 6°18′39″E / 59.6242°N 6.3109°E / 59.6242; 6.3109
Primary inflows Hylsfjorden
Primary outflows Sandsfjorden
Basin countries Norway
Max. length 17 kilometres (11 mi)
Max. depth 400 metres (1,300 ft)
Settlements Sauda

Saudafjord or Saudafjorden is a fjord in Rogaland county, Norway. The fjord stretches from the town of Sauda in the municipality of Sauda in the north to the village of Sand in the municipality of Suldal where the Saudafjorden and Hylsfjorden join together to form the Sandsfjorden.[1]

The Saudafjorden is the northernmost branch of the main Boknafjord which dominates Rogaland county. The 17-kilometre (11 mi) long Saudafjorden is an open, wide fjord with a depth approaching 400 metres (1,300 ft).[1]

The fjord was carved by the action of glaciers in the ice ages and was flooded by the sea when the later glaciers retreated. The fjord has no marked threshold as the glacial ice flow joined that from the Hylsfjord and flowed into the Sandsfjord.

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