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Saude! Saudade... is a Japanese radio program specializing in music from Brazil, the Caribbean, and Latin America. It is produced and broadcast on J-Wave, an FM radio station based in Tokyo, Japan. Its official title includes its corporate sponsor where the sponsor's name is before the program title, i.e. Noevir Saude! Saudade.... Past sponsors include Japan Airlines and Kikkoman, whose names were also part of the official programme title. It is a weekly programme, broadcast every Sunday afternoon from 5:00 pm to 5:54 pm Japan time.


The title is in Portuguese. Saude is a greeting indicating health or toast, while saudade stands for nostalgic sentiment towards bygone innocent days of childhood. Both words are said to hold the key cultural basis to understand Brazil. Because most listeners are Japanese residents in greater Tokyo area, it features Japanese-Latin artists such as Lisa Ono. The programme has its own award Brazil Disc Award, as well as special theme events at clubs. It has a monthly Portuguese DJ rotation to appeal to the growing Brazilian communities throughout Japan. The current program navigator as of April 2010 is Christel Takigawa.

It is one of the longest serving programs within J-Wave, with no interruption since the station's founding in 1988.

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