Saudi-Egyptian Super Cup

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Saudi-Egyptian Super Cup, a competition organized the Saudi and Egyptian federation of football, league and cup champions from each federation qualified, the four teams were drawn into two ties, In each tie, the two teams played an annual match, the leagues winners participated on President Mubarak's Cup Winners' Super Cup, the cups winners participated on King Fahd's League Winners' Super Cup, the competition took place only in two seasons, the first in 2001 and the second and the last was in 2003.

List of winners[edit]

Year King of Saudi Arabia Cup President of Egypt Cup
Winner Score Runner-up Winner Score Runner-up
Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal 2–1
Egypt Al-Ismaily Saudi Arabia Al-Ittihad 3–2
Egypt Al-Ahly
Saudi Arabia Al-Ittihad 1–0
Egypt Al-Ismaily Egypt Zamalek 0–0
Saudi Arabia Al-Ittihad

Results by club[edit]

Country Club Winners Runners-up Years won[A] Years runner-up[A]
 Saudi Arabia Al-Ittihad 2 1 2001, 2003 2003
 Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal 1 0 2001
 Egypt Zamalek 1 0 2003
 Egypt Ismaily 0 2 2001, 2003
 Egypt Al-Ahly 0 1 2001

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