Saudi-OSCAR 50

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SAUDI-OSCAR 50, Saudisat 1C
Operator King Abdulaziz University for Science & Technology
COSPAR ID 2002-058C
SATCAT no. 27607
Spacecraft properties
Launch mass 10 kg
Start of mission
Launch date 20 December 2002 (2002-12-20)
Rocket Dnepr
Launch site Baikonur Cosmodrome
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Low Earth
Perigee 603 km
Apogee 713 km
Inclination 64.56 degrees
Period 97.89 minutes

Saudi-OSCAR 50 is a Saudi Arabian amateur radio satellite that was launched on 20 December 2002 by the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.

Technical information[edit]

SO-50 carries several experiments, including an amateur radio repeater experiment. The transponder receives on 145.850 MHz FM and retransmits on 436.795 MHz. The transponder is available to amateurs worldwide as power permits. The receiver has a sensitivity of -124 dBm, having a bandwidth of 15 kHz. The receive antenna is a 1/4 wave vertical mounted in the top corner of the spacecraft. The receive audio is filtered and conditioned then gated in the control electronics prior to feeding it to the 250 mW UHF transmitter. The downlink antenna is a 1/4 wave mounted in the bottom corner of the spacecraft and canted at 45 degrees inward.[1]