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Wilfried Sauerland (born 29 February 1940 in Wuppertal) is a German boxing promoter and manager.[1] He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2010.[2]


Boxing camps associated with Sauerland, have had various locations:

Frankfurt (Oder) with Manfred Wolke and Rudi Fink (2003), Cologne with Ulli Wegner (1996–2004), and in Berlin with Ulli Wegner, since 2004.

Current boxers[edit]


Boxer Nationality Weight Title
Arthur Abraham Germany German Super middleweight
Oscar Ahlin Sweden Swedish Super middleweight
Leon Bauer Germany German Super middleweight
Leon Bunn Germany German Light heavyweight
Dennis Ceylan Denmark Danish Featherweight
Vincent Feigenbutz Germany German Super middleweight
Oliver Flodin Sweden Swedish Middleweight
Noel Gevor Germany German Cruiserweight
George Groves United Kingdom British Super middleweight
Stefan Härtel Germany German Super middleweight
Karl Robin Havnaa Norway Norwegian Cruiserweight
Nieky Holzken Netherlands Dutch Super middleweight
Tomi Honka Finland Finnish Cruiserweight
Filip Hrgović Croatia Croatian Heavyweight
Frederik Hede Jensen Denmark Danish Featherweight
Abdul Khattab Denmark Danish Middleweight
Enrico Kölling Germany German Light heavyweight
Mikaela Laurén Sweden Swedish Welterweight
Mikael Lawal United Kingdom British Cruiserweight
Tim-Robin Lihaug Norway Norwegian Super middleweight
Kem Ljungquist Denmark Danish Heavyweight
Artur Mann Germany German Cruiserweight
Araik Marutjan Germany German Middleweight
Micki Nielsen Denmark Danish Cruiserweight
Mikkel Nielsen Denmark Danish Welterweight
Patrick Nielsen Denmark Danish Super middleweight
Anthony Ogogo United Kingdom British Middleweight
Zach Parker United Kingdom British Super middleweight
Albon Pervizaj Germany German Heavyweight
Kubrat Pulev Bulgaria Bulgarian Heavyweight
Denis Radovan Germany German Super middleweight
Burak Sahin Germany German Heavyweight
Klara Svensson Sweden Swedish Welterweight
Dina Thorslund Denmark Danish Super bantamweight
Otto Wallin Sweden Swedish Heavyweight
Michael Wallisch Germany German Heavyweight
Patrick Wojcicki Germany German Super middleweight
Anthony Yigit Sweden Swedish Light welterweight European Light welterweight Champion

Previous boxers


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