Sauga Parish

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Sauga Parish
Sauga vald
Municipality of Estonia
Pulli railway stop
Pulli railway stop
Flag of Sauga Parish
Coat of arms of Sauga Parish
Coat of arms
Sauga Parish within Pärnu County.
Sauga Parish within Pärnu County.
Country Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia
County Pärnumaa lipp.svg Pärnu County
Administrative centre Sauga
 • Mayor Lembit Rebane
 • Total 164.8 km2 (63.6 sq mi)
Population (01.01.2006)
 • Total 2,564
 • Density 16/km2 (40/sq mi)

Sauga Parish is located at the Pärnu County Center. Its south neighbour is Pärnu city, west neighbour Audru Parish; its north side resides with Halinga and Are, its east side with town of Sindi.

Sauga Parish stays on the lower shelf, between Sauga and Pärnu river area, grabbing the biggest part of Nurme fen and whole Rääma fen. The wood and fen comprise 58% of the parish's territory, which gives the parish its major resource, peak.

The parish has 10 villages and one centre, where the total population is 3246 (01.08.2006). The average population density is 19.5 people for square kilometer.


Small borough



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