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Saukin Wind (Arabic: سوکن ونڈ‎‎), also written Saukanwind,[1] Saukinwind[2] and Sokanwind,[3] is medium sized town in Pasrur Tehsil, Sialkot District, Punjab, Pakistan located on road Pasrur - Qila Kalar Wala. It is about 100 km (62 mi) northeast from the capital of Punjab Lahore. It is a central town with respect to educational and sports Hub and trade activities.

Meaning of Saukin Wind[edit]

  1. In history one rich man was distributing 100 goats to poor people every year that's why it was saukan wand (Sau سو 100 in Urdu Language) Kan كن (Goat, Sheep In Persian Language ) Wand ونڈ ( Distribution in Punjabi Language ) and by passing time it converted to saukin wind.
  2. 'Saukin (second wife) wind (evaluated from pind meaning village).


Saukin Wind has various educational institutions like Government Raza - e - Mustfa High school, Government Girls high school, Government Degree College for Women. It has eight private schools and government boys and girls primary schools. There are also religious schools like Madressa jamia Hanfia Taleem ul Islam & Madrasa Jamia Ghausia Razwia alongside girls wings.