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This article is about Saul Klein, the venture capitalist. For Saul Klein, the Realtor, see Saul Klein (real estate broker).
Saul Klein

Saul Klein (born 1970) is a partner at Index Ventures Since joining in 2007, Saul has invested in early-stage internet companies including AlertMe, Chartbeat, GlassesDirect, Soluto, MyHeritage, and Songkick.[1]

In 2007, Klein founded the Seedcamp organization to help European entrepreneurs successfully build technology businesses. Seedcamp is currently investing from its second fund and has created a network of more than 2,000 mentors around the world. Each year, Seedcamp hosts an annual event in London called Seedcamp Week.[2]

Klein is also a Founding Partner of The Accelerator Group (TAG), which he started with Robin Klein in 1999 as a vehicle for investing in early-stage internet services, e-commerce and digital media businesses. The TAG portfolio includes, Erply, Lovefilm, MOO, Songkick, Spot Runner, Tweetdeck, and Twitterverse.[3]

Before becoming a venture capitalist, Klein was part of the original executive team at Skype[4] and was the founder and CEO of what is now Lovefilm International.

He has a Master of Arts degree from Magdalene College, Cambridge.[4]


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