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This article is for the band government in Saskatchewan. For the one in British Columbia, see Saulteau First Nation.

Saulteaux First Nation is an Anishinaabe First Nation band government, whose reserves are located near Cochin, Saskatchewan. In February 2012, the First Nation had a total of 1,225 registered members, of which 604 lived on their own reserve.


The Saulteaux First Nation have reserved for themselves 40 discontinuous parcels ranging from 0.2 hectares (0.49 acres) to 3,796.2 hectares (9,381 acres) in size for a total 17,392 hectares (42,980 acres). Of these tracts, the 3,796.2 hectares (9,381 acres) Saulteaux Indian Reserve 159 serves as their main reserve.


Under the Canadian Indian Act, the First Nation elects their leadership under the Custom Electoral System. Their current elected officials are Chief Velma Night and five councillors: Gary Gopher, Michael Houle-Night, Brent Katcheech, Ricky Moccasin and Leo Moccasin Jr. Their two-year elected term expire on April 20, 2013.

The First Nation government provides infrastructure to their member; the infrastructure includes a band office, band hall, fire hall, school, clinic, arena, and various structures required for the band's maintenance. In turn, the Saulteaux First Nation's council is a member of the Battlefords Agency Tribal Chiefs, a local Chief Council, who together with other members, provide additional services to their constituency. In turn, the First Nation is also a member of the Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations, a Tribal Political Organisation representing First Nations who are signatories to Treaty 6.

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