Saunders Beach, Queensland

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Saunders Beach
Saunders Beach is located in Queensland
Saunders Beach
Saunders Beach
Coordinates19°9′23″S 146°36′15″E / 19.15639°S 146.60417°E / -19.15639; 146.60417Coordinates: 19°9′23″S 146°36′15″E / 19.15639°S 146.60417°E / -19.15639; 146.60417
Population407 (2006)[1]
State electorate(s)Townsville
Federal Division(s)Herbert
Suburbs around Saunders Beach:
Bluewater Bluewater Coral Sea
Bluewater Saunders Beach Yabulu
Yabulu Yabulu Yabulu

Saunders Beach is a coastal town, suburb, and beach of the City of Townsville, Queensland, Australia.[2][3][4] In the 2016 census, Saunders Beach had a population of 409 people.[5]


Saunders Beach is approximately 25 kilometres (16 mi) north[6] of the Townsville CBD. The Saunders Beach community is situated just south-east of the mouth of Althaus Creek, the beach itself stretching approximately 6 kilometres (3.7 mi)[7] further south-east to the mouth of Black River.


Saunders Beach was originally part of Jalloonda, but was established as separate locality on 17 March 1984.[2] Its status was changed to be a suburb on 28 February 2003.[3]

In 2004 a Beach Management Plan was put into place by Thuringowa Council, to establish causes of erosion and help manage any future detriment to the beach by means of both natural and unnatural erosion.[8]


At the 2006 Census, Saunders beach consisted of 407 residents,[1] of which are spread across 200 dwellings[6] (as stated by Thuringowa Council in 2004). A high proportion of the Saunders Beach population are aged in the 45-64 age bracket, with approximately 17.5% of the population aged between 45-54, and 11.3% aged between 55-64.[9]


Saunders Beach is a popular local tourist destination, the northern end of which offers free, limited camping reserves.[10] Access to Althaus Creek is provided by means of a boat ramp, and other community facilities include a community centre, and numerous parks with children's playground equipment.

The Townsville City Council operate a mobile library service which visits the Community Centre at Saunders Beach every second Wednesday afternoon.[11]


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