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Saurabh Durgesh
Saurabh Durgesh
Saurabh Durgesh
Background information
OriginMumbai, India
GenresIndian film music
Occupation(s)Music director
Years active2016–present
Associated actsAnaan, Maza Algaar, Pappu Ki Pugdandi, Monsoon Football

Saurabh Durgesh is a music directing duo composed of Saurabh Shetye[1] and Durgesh Khot[2] hailing from Mumbai, India.

Musical career[edit]

Saurabh and Durgesh defined their musical tenacity with the release of their music video Aag Ka Gola L.A., an International Collaboration with the Step-Up 2 Famed Hollywood Actor Robert Hoffman. They were long-time friends, and having completed Engineering, shifted into the Music Field. They had been performing live for a couple of years from 2011-2014 with the band Indo Gypsies before moving on to the film industry as music directors. The duo has composed music in multiple films including Pappu Ki Pugdandi(2015), Amrita And I(2016), Anaan(2017)[3] and Maza Algaar(2017).[4] They are also behind the music for a variety of TV Commercials for brand campaigns like Jeep Compass, Kelloggs and Eva among others. Saurabh - Durgesh also have an electronic/live act as a duo.

Music Singles[edit]

Saurabh - Durgesh have composed, arranged and produced these songs as single releases.

Song Name Singer Lyrics
Aag Ka Gola L.A. [5] Saurabh Shetye Arsala Qureishi
Naino Ki Aarziyaan [6] Chinmayi Sripada Dheeraj Kumar
Nee Venakale Nadichi [7] Chinmayi Sripada Anantha Sriram
Mandhira Kannilae [8] Chinmayi Sripada Kabilan Vairamuthu


Film Director
Tindey [9] Seema Desai
Ablakh [10] Anand Chavan
Monsoon Football [11] Milind Ukey
Maza Algaar Millind Raghunath Kamble
Anaan Rajesh Kushte
Amrita Aur Main Sumit Mishra
Pappu Ki Pugdandi Seema Pillay Desai


Award Nominated Work Category Result
6th Mirchi Music Awards Anaan Best Upcoming Music Composers of the year Won [12]
7th Indian Cine Film Festival Happy Birthday Best Background Score Won [13]


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