Saurer M6

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Saurer M6 6x6
Saurer M8 8x8
Saurer Funkwagen.JPG
Swiss Army Saurer 6M radio truck
Place of origin Switzerland
Service history
In service 1940 - ?
Used by Switzerland
Production history
Designer Adolph Saurer AG
Manufacturer Saurer
Produced 1940 -?
No. built M6 338,M6 radiotruck 16 / M8 79
Variants M6 Flatbed truck, M6 radiotruck, M8 Flatbed
Weight M6 6900kg / M8 7400kg
Length M6 5,44m / M8 5,88m
 length M6 2,25m+1,1m /M8 1,1m+1,57m+1,1m (wheelbase)
Width 2m
Height 3m
Crew 1+ 2Pax in cabin + 20 on the Flatbed

Engine M6 Saurer,Typ CTDM 6 Cylinder / M8 Saurer,Typ CT 1 DM 6 Cylinder
M6 85PS, 63kW / M8 100PS / 73,5kW
Payload capacity M6 2500 kg /M8 3500kg
Transmission Saurer 4 C
Suspension 6DM 4x4 / 10DM 6x6 wheeled
Fuel capacity M6 90 l/ M8 2x75 l
Speed 50 km/h

The Saurer M6 (also called Saurer M6 M) is a 6x6 truck model, which established the Adolph Saurer AG in 1940. The payload of 2.5 tons.

The Swiss Army ordered 338 Saurer M6s in 1940; an additional 16 came with solid construction as radio trucks. Almost identical was the 8x8 model Saurer M8 M, inclusive the prototype 79 M8 trucks were built. Many components of the Saurer M6 also found use in the Saurer MH4. The Saurer 2DM replaced in 1978 the Sauer M6 in Military service, some of them found a second use by the Civil defense of Switzerland.

A Saurer M6 radio car is now in the Flieger-Flab-Museum (Air Force Museum) at Dübendorf. Normal transporter versions are now in the Zuger Depot Technikgeschichte and the Schweizerische Militärmuseum Full.[citation needed]