Sauria Paharia people

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Sauria Paharia
Regions with significant populations
              Jharkhand 31,050
Sauria Paharia language
Traditional beliefs
Related ethnic groups
Oraon • Kumarbhag Paharia

The Sauria Paharia people (also known as Maler Paharia) are a tribal people of Jharkhand in India. They are found mostly in Santhal Parganas.


Link with Oraons[edit]

According to Oraon traditions, when they were driven out of their home in the Son valley, the main group migrated towards Palamu but a smaller group moved down the Gangetic valley till they reached Rajmahal Hills, where they settled mostly in Damin-i-koh. The language of the Sauria Paharias is closely linked to that of the Oraons.[1]


Sauria Paharias are listed as a primitive tribe and have a population of around 30,000 in Jharkhand, with a possible negligible population in West Bengal. They constitute less than 1 per cent of the tribal population in Jharkhand.[2][3][4]


Sauria Paharias resort to shifting cultivation. They lead family lives.[5]

The Saurias are divided into three distinct cultural groups, namely the Probia, the Bare and the Chete.[6]


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