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Coordinates: 9°39′S 20°24′E / 9.650°S 20.400°E / -9.650; 20.400

Municipality and town
Saurimo is located in Angola
Location in Angola
Coordinates: 9°39′S 20°24′E / 9.650°S 20.400°E / -9.650; 20.400
Country  Angola
Province Lunda Sul Province
Founded 1956
Elevation 1,081 m (3,547 ft)
Population (2010)
 • Total 80,445
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)
Climate Aw

Saurimo (pre-1975: Henrique de Carvalho) is the capital of the Lunda Sul province of Angola, Saurimo has a population of approximately 200,000. The population has increased due to migrants fleeing areas affected by the civil war.


Formerly the town was known as Henrique De Carvalho, after the Portuguese explorer who visited the region in 1884 and contacted the local, and historically powerful, Lunda people. It is located in northeastern Angola at an elevation of 3,557 feet (1,081 m) above sea level. It is a garrison town and local market centre.

The main economic activities nowadays are agriculture and diamonds. The main foodstuffs are mandioc, corn, sweet potato and yam. Other activities are handicraft, fishing, and diamond panning.