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Sausage Software
Proprietary limited company[1]
Industry Web publishing
Genre Web development
Fate Merged into SMS Management & Technology in 2000
Founded Melbourne, Australia (1995 (1995))
Founder Steve Outtrim[2]
Headquarters Melbourne, Australia
Key people

Kevin Pownall (Chief Operating Officer)[3]
Jim Paulyshyn (Marketing Director)
Steve Meltzer (Marketing Director)
Adrian Vanzyl (Director of software development)

Marty Hill (Senior Systems Engineer)
Products HotDog Web Editor

Sausage Software was an Australian software company, founded by entrepreneur Steve Outtrim, which produced one of the world's most successful web editors: the HotDog web authoring tool.[4] The product and company name have since been purchased by an Australian consulting firm, called SMS Management & Technology.[5][6]

HotDog and the company became the 'dotcom darling' of the Australian media receiving a large amount of media exposure due to the young age of the company's founder and staff featuring pinball machines and a pool table in the company's reception area.[4]

Sausage Software also invested in various other pioneering software strategies and products:

  • A range of small independent software products called "snaglets"[4][7]
  • A unique freeware texture generator called Reptile[8]
  • An early micro-payment system called the eVend Cashlet[9]
  • A Java Electronic Commerce Server (JECS), a generalized middleware layer serving Java Applets with database data on request via an XML-like request/response protocol.[6][10]

Their website was one of the most popular at the time, receiving 250,000 hits per day in 1996.[11]




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