Sausage sizzle

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Sausage Sizzle
Bunnings Sausage sizzle.jpg
A Bunnings charity Sausage Sizzle operated by the Rotary Club of Nelson Bay.
Course Snack
Place of origin Australia and New Zealand
Main ingredients Sausage, Sliced bread
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Sausage Sizzles are a charity fundraising and community event common across Australia and New Zealand.

A typical Sausage Sizzle takes place in a covered area. Often underneath a collapsible gazebo, volunteers prepare the barbecued sausages or 'snags'. These are served on a single slice of (typically) white bread,[1] with optional grilled onions and the customer's choice of sauces, generally tomato, mustard, or barbecue. Chilled soft drink cans and bottled water are often also available at the counter. All ingredients are usually purchased as cheaply as possible, or donated from local sponsors such as butchers, bakers or supermarkets,[2] so as to maximise fundraising.[3]

A Sausage Sizzle may be held to raise money for a variety of causes, groups or events, and are especially popular at supermarkets, schools, sports clubs, and political events such as elections.[4][5][6] Hardware store Bunnings Warehouse will often hold sausage sizzles on weekends for a variety of community groups, with the fundraisers reaching a semi-iconic status in Australia.[7] Sausage Sizzles are also common at New Zealand retail store The Warehouse.[8]

Australian Elections[edit]

Sausage Sizzles have become a recognised and expected addition to polling booths at Australian elections, where they are nicknamed "Democracy Sausages". There was widespread media coverage of this in 2013 and 2016 Australian Federal Elections, with the hashtag '#democracysausage' trending on Twitter.[9] Twitter also adding a sausage-in-bread emoji to the '#ausvotes' hashtag on the day of the 2016 election.[10]

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