Sautéed reindeer

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A Finnish version of sauteed reindeer...
and a Swedish version

Sautéed reindeer (Finnish: poronkäristys, Swedish: renskav, Norwegian: finnbiff, Northern Sami: báistebiđus) is perhaps the best known traditional meal from Lapland, especially in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia and Sakha. Usually steak or the back of the reindeer is used. It is sliced thinly (easier if frozen rather than only partially thawed), fried in fat (traditionally in reindeer fat, but butter and oil are more common nowadays), spiced with black pepper and salt, and finally some water, cream, or beer is added and cooked until tender. The dish is served with mashed potatoes and lingonberry preserves or, more traditionally, with raw lingonberries mashed with sugar. In Finland it is often served with pickled cucumber,[citation needed] which is not as common in Sweden.

The first image to the left shows a Finnish version of this dish. The second image at right shows a Swedish version of renskav.


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