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Sauwerd is located in Groningen (province)
Location of Sauwerd in Groningen in the Netherlands
Coordinates: 53°17′36″N 6°32′5″E / 53.29333°N 6.53472°E / 53.29333; 6.53472
Country Netherlands
Province Groningen
Municipality Winsum
 • Total 0.33 km2 (0.13 sq mi)
Population (2008) 1,060

Coordinates: 53°18′N 6°32′E / 53.300°N 6.533°E / 53.300; 6.533 Sauwerd is a village in the municipality of Winsum, Groningen, Netherlands. Until the local government reorganization of 1990 the village was the head of the former municipality of Adorp.

The village of Sauwerd is 7 to 10 kilometers away from the nearest city, Groningen. The village is built on a wierde, from which it gets the second part of its name. It is inhabited by an estimated 1,100 people. The internationally known swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo was born in Sauwerd and lived there for most of her youth.


Old church in Sauwerd, shortly before it was razed

There is one primary school in Sauwerd, called De Meander (the meander). Sauwerd has a sport complex called De Lange Twee (meaning The Long Two). The park features a football club called VV SIOS. There are two football fields in the complex. There is also a tennis club in the complex, called TV Onstaborg.

There are two churches in Sauwerd. One is a Reformed church and the other is a PKN church. Until 1840 there was a medieval church building in the village. This was demolished in that year due to dilapidation. Simultaneously, the church in Groot Wetsinge was demolished. A new church built halfway between both villages, in Klein-Wetsinge.

Sauwerd located on the railroad Groningen - Delfzijl and the railroad Groningen - Roodeschool. These lines divide the village. In 2003 track doubling was completed between Groningen station North and Sauwerd. Until that time the line was one of the busiest pieces of single track in the Netherlands. On July 25, 1980 collided in Winsum two passenger trains on each other, with 9 deaths and 21 injuries. There is a bus stop in Sauwerd and a train station.

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