Sauyr Zhotasy

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Sauyr Zhotasy
Sauyr Zhotasy is located in Kazakhstan
Sauyr Zhotasy
Sauyr Zhotasy
Location in Kazakhstan (on the border with China)
Highest point
Elevation 3,840 m (12,600 ft) [1]
Prominence 3,252 m (10,669 ft) [1] 
Ranked 68th
Isolation 287 kilometres (178 mi)
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 47°02′57″N 85°34′00″E / 47.04917°N 85.56667°E / 47.04917; 85.56667Coordinates: 47°02′57″N 85°34′00″E / 47.04917°N 85.56667°E / 47.04917; 85.56667[1]
Location ChinaKazakhstan border
Parent range Saur, Tien Shan
First ascent Unclimbed

Sauyr Zhotasy (Kazakh: Сауыр жотасы), also known as Muz Tau (Chinese: 木斯岛山; pinyin: Mùsīdǎo Shān), is the highest point in the Saur Range, and of the entire Saur-Tarbagatai mountain system, part of the Tien Shan, on the border between Kazakhstan and China. It lies 100 kilometres (60 mi) southeast of Zaysan Lake. Despite its low elevation, it is well separated from higher ranges in its area (the Saur-Tarbagatai System being separated from the Altai Mountains by the Irtysh River valley, and from the Dzungarian Alatau, by the Dzungarian Gate); it is therefore ranked highly by topographic prominence.

No recorded ascents have come to light and it is potentially one of the most prominent unclimbed peaks.

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