Sava City

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Sava City
General information
Type Residential, Commercial
Location 20 block, New Belgrade, Serbia
Completed 2006
Owner CA Immo
Technical details
Floor count 13
Floor area 35,000 m2 (380,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architect DOMA doo Beograd

Sava City (Serbian: Савоград, Savograd) is going to be a 35,000 metre square business complex which will be located in Belgrade, Serbia. It is supposed to be the first elite residential|business in the New Belgrade Area, which each consists of three apartments on each floor of 78 to 215 m2 (840 to 2,310 sq ft) each. The Construction Started in 2006 but the construction finish time is unknown. The business complex will have an entrance hall, rich with contents such as shops, banks and galleries. Also, in the end of the entrance hall would be an info desk and communications in horizontal and vertical aspects (elevators and stairs).

Sava City would have residential areas, business areas, shops, galleries, apartments, hotels, offices, banks etc.

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Coordinates: 44°48′39″N 20°26′07″E / 44.81083°N 20.43528°E / 44.81083; 20.43528