Savage Circus

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Savage Circus
GenresPower metal, speed metal
Years active2004–present
LabelsDockyard 1, Century Media
Associated actsBlind Guardian, Iron Savior, Persuader
MembersThomen Stauch
Thorsten 'Toto' Hain
Michael 'Mi' Schüren
Axel Morgan
Past membersJens Carlsson
Emil Norberg
Piet Sielck
Mike Terrana
Yenz Leonhardt

Savage Circus is a German/Swedish power metal band originally created as a side project by Thomen Stauch before leaving Blind Guardian.


Formation and Dreamland Manor[edit]

Savage Circus began when Stauch asked his friend Piet Sielck if he was interested in joining Thomen's new project, which he was. Piet then introduced a Swedish band called Persuader to Thomen. Thomen liked the band and also liked the fact that the vocalist sounded very much like Hansi Kürsch.[1] Thomen immediately said that he wanted to have Jens Carlsson (singer of Persuader) in the band. Jens brought with him Persuader guitarist Emil Norberg. Their debut album, Dreamland Manor, was released in August 2005.

Of Doom and Death[edit]

Thomen Stauch was fired from the band on August 17, 2007 due to his frail health, leading to the cancellations of many shows.[2] In September 2007, Mike Terrana joined the band as the new drummer. At the same time Yenz Leonhardt became a full member of the band. The release of the Dreamland Manor's follow-up, Of Doom and Death, was originally expected to be released in early 2009 but was pushed back to October 23.[3]

Next album[edit]

In 2011, Piet Sielck left the band to concentrate more on his main band Iron Savior.[4] Upon leaving, Piet said he was putting the fate of the band into the hands of members Jens and Emil.[5] In 2012, Mike Terrana left to work with vocalist Tarja Turunen. Eventually Yenz Leonhardt also left, leaving only remaining members Jens and Emil. Later in 2012, the comeback of Thomen Stauch to the band was announced, together with the addition of second guitarist Thorsten 'Toto' Hain and keyboardist Michael 'Mi' Schüren.[6][7] On 9 February 2014 Jens and Emil announced them leaving the band citing conflicting schedules with Savage Circus and their main band Persuader as the reason. Although no official announcement has been made, in a picture posted on the band's official Facebook page by Toto on 20 March Axel Morgan is mentioned as a member of "SC 3.0".

The band is currently working on a third album.[8] As of 18 November 2014 there has been no further updates regarding the band's third studio album. The future of the band remains unclear, as Thomen has started a new band called Serious Black, Toto has returned to his previous band, Wortmord, and Mi will be touring excessively with Blind Guardian during 2015–2016.


Musical style[edit]

The musical style is similar to both Blind Guardian and Persuader due to the singing style and multi-layered vocals used in the band. The band's first two albums also contain some elements of Iron Savior, due to Piet Sielck's writing.

Band name[edit]

Piet Sielck came up with the band's name. The word circus, refers to the band's members being of several different nationalities. Originally the band consisted of German and Swedish members. Savage, on the other hand, is for "wild" music.[1]


Jens Carlsson is often compared with sounding highly similar to Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian. In an interview after the release of Dreamland Manor, Thomen said that Hansi was fond of Jens, because:

You can hear that he is not copying me. You can really hear that he has a voice like me. If he would copy me I wouldn't like it. But that is really strange, because there would not exist much people in the world that really sound so similar to me. And this guy really sounds similar to me, but you hear that he doesn't copy me, because in the moment where he sings more clear, he sounds totally different than me.[1]

Band members[edit]


Studio albums[edit]



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