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Savage Henry
The cover of Savage Henry #1 (Vortex Comics, January 1987). Artwork by Matt Howarth.
Publication information
Publisher Vortex Comics (January 1987–April 1990)
Rip Off Press (1990–1993)
Caliber Press (1994)
MU Press (2004)
Publication date 1987-1994, 2004
No. of issues (vol. 1) 30
(vol. 2) 3
Main character(s) Savage Henry
The Bulldaggers
numerous real musicians
Creative team
Created by Matt Howarth
Written by Matt Howarth
Artist(s) Matt Howarth

Savage Henry is the title of a comic book series written and illustrated by Matt Howarth. The stories center on Savage Henry, lead guitarist of the "insect rock" band the Bulldaggers. Howarth regularly drew "guest appearances" by real world musicians in the comic book, including The Residents, Moby, Foetus, Hawkwind, Nash the Slash, and others.[1]

Publication history[edit]

The character of Savage Henry first appeared in Howarth's 1977 self-published (Howski Studios) series Rock Horror, which appeared in 1979.[2]

The Savage Henry ongoing series was originally published by Vortex Comics, which released 13 issues from 1987–1990. The title was picked up, continuing the numbering, by Rip Off Press in 1990, which published an additional 17 issues until 1993.

Caliber Press published 3 issues of Savage Henry volume 2 in 1994; they also published the three-issue limited series Savage Henry: Headstrong that same year.

MU Press picked up Savage Henry in 2004, publishing the three-issue limited series Powerchords and the one-shot Puppet Trap.

Musicians featured in Savage Henry[edit]


  • (vol. 1) Savage Henry (13 issues, Vortex Comics, January 1987–April 1990)
  • (vol. 1) Savage Henry (17 issues, Rip Off Press, 1990–1993)
  • (vol. 2) Savage Henry (3 issues, Caliber Press, 1994)
  • Savage Henry: Headstrong (3 issues, Caliber, 1994)
  • Caroline: Circles vs. Squares (Aeon Press, 1998) ISBN 978-1883847326 — co-stars Savage Henry; 80 pp.
  • Data Core (self-published, 1998) — complete Bulldaggers discography, with art by Howarth; 64pp.
  • Savage Henry: Powerchords (3 issues, MU Press, 2004)
  • Savage Henry: Puppet Trap (MU Press, 2004)
  • Gaia Symptoma (self-published) — co-starring Savage Henry and Loop Guru, 64 pp.



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