Savage Moon

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Savage Moon
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Developer(s) FluffyLogic
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Designer(s) Ana Kronschnabl & Tomas Rawlings (with Stuart Griffin and Will Bolam)
Engine PhyreEngine
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Release date(s)
  • EU 24 December 2008
  • NA 29 January 2009
Genre(s) Tower defense, Strategy video game
Mode(s) Single-player

Savage Moon is a PlayStation 3 and PSP tower defense strategy game which sees the player protecting a remote, off-world mining facility from constant attack by Insectocytes, a type of carnivorous creature inhabiting the planets. The mission is to strategically place an array of upgradeable, defensive weapons in the way of the bugs. There is a range of towers, from rapid-fire machine guns to support towers such as the chaos tower. The developers describe the strategy as;

The game was released for download from European PSN on 24 December 2008 and in North America on 29 January 2009.[1]

In 2010 the soundtrack to the DLC of Savage Moon: Waldgeist - also composed by Elsaesser, was nominated for Best Original Video Game Score in the 55th Ivor Novello Awards.[2] This was the first year that music from games was given a category in the awards.

On 22 December 2009 a new game set in the same universe and featuring some of the same units and towers was released titled 'The Hera Campaign


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