Savage Republic

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Savage Republic
Also known asAfrica Corps
OriginLos Angeles, California, United States
GenresPost-punk, art punk, industrial
Years activeEarly 1980s–1990 (1990), 2002–present
LabelsIndependent Project Records, Sordide Sentimental, Fundamental, PIAS Recordings, Nate Starkman & Son, Mobilization Records, Staalplaat, A Silent Place, LTM Recordings
Associated actsBridge, Project 197, Wasted Youth, 17 Pygmies, Scenic, Brad Laner, Medicine, Fourwaycross, Del Rey & the Sun Kings, Them Rhythm Ants, Autumnfair, Lusk, Death Ride 69, F-Space
MembersThom Fuhrmann
Ethan Port
Alan Waddington
Kerry Dowling
Past membersBruce Licher
Mark Erskine
Philip Drucker (Jackson Del Rey)
Robert Loveless
Jeff Long
Brad Laner
Greg Grunke
Joel Connell
Val Haller

Savage Republic (originally named Africa Corps) is a Los Angeles based post-punk band formed in the early 1980s. The group reformed in 2002 and remains active with a different lineup.

They are known for lengthy songs with an emphasis on percussion and droning guitars.


The band was originally named Africa Corps, and was formed by UCLA students Bruce Licher (guitar) and Mark Erskine (drums/percussion).[1] They were joined by Philip Drucker (aka Jackson Del Rey), Robert Loveless, and Jeff Long.[1][2] Shortly before the release of debut album Tragic Figures in 1982 (on Licher's own Independent Project label) they changed their name to Savage Republic.[3] Licher was also responsible for the group's sleeve designs, which were hand-letterpressed and numbered by him.[3]

In early 1983, they issued a single, "Film Noir", backed with a version of "O Andonis" by Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis (from the Costa-Gavras film Z), which garnered international attention.[4]

The group split up towards the end of 1983 with a second album partially completed; Loveless and Drucker completed it and it was released as an album (Jedda by the Sea) by their side project 17 Pygmies.[2] Tragic Figures was issued in Europe in 1984 on the Sordide Sentimental label.[1] A 7" EP of material recorded in 1981, Tragic Figure, was also issued that year.

The band returned in 1985 with the album Ceremonial, followed in 1986 with the Trudge EP.[1] A live double album was released in 1987.[1] Brad Laner joined prior to the 1988 album Jamahiriya Democratique et Populaire de Sauvage, and a further studio album (Customs) was released prior to the band splitting up in 1990.[1]

Licher continued to run his label, and received a Grammy nomination for the artwork for For Against's debut album.[3] He formed Scenic in the mid-1990s, a group that also featured Loveless and former Shiva Burlesque member James Brenner.[1] Laner went on to form Medicine.[1]

Savage Republic reformed in 2002 with original member Licher and members from the mid-1980s including Greg Grunke, Thom Fuhrmann and Ethan Port, although Licher left after a first tour. The remaining members recorded the album 1938, released by Neurot Recordings in 2007.[3]

Musical style[edit]

The band's music has been called industrial, with AllMusic's Richie Unterberger describing it as music that "grafted tribal percussion, industrial drones, and raga-like guitar lines together".[3] Unusual percussion was a large part of their sound, incorporating oil cans and metal pipes.[3] Trouser Press described the debut album as "a combination of industrial drone with deep machine-like swaths of dragging bass, Halloween horror-movie screams and some of the most delightfully tribal and tropical percussion found on disc".[2] When the band reformed in 1985 they incorporated more Arabic influences.[2] Later work also incorporated Greek influences.[2] The band's music was described in Music USA: The Rough Guide as "hypnotic post-modern raga-rock instrumentals" and "clattering noise-rock jams".[5]


Studio albums[edit]

Date Title Label
1982 Tragic Figures Independent Project Records/Sordide Sentimental
1985 Ceremonial Fundamental
1988 Jamahiriya Democratique et Populaire de Sauvage Fundamental
1989 Customs Fundamental
2007 1938 Neurot Recordings
2012 Varvakios LTM Recordings
2014 Aegean Mobilization Records

Singles and EPs[edit]

Date Title Label
1983 "Film Noir" (7" single) Independent Project Records
1984 Tragic Figure (7" EP) Independent Project Records
1986 Trudge (12" EP) PIAS Recordings
1988 "Viva La Rock 'N' Roll" (7" EP) Independent Project Records
2007 Siam (CD EP) Mobilization Records
2009 Sword Fighter - Taranto !!! (7" single) A Silent Place

Live albums[edit]

Date Title Label
1987 Live Trek 1985 - 1986 Nate Starkman & Son/Fundamental
1987 Live at the Melkweg 25.9.87 (cassette only) Staalplaat
1988 Lectisternium June 27, 1988 (cassette only) Savage Republic Tapes
1990 ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟΝ: Live in Europe 1988 Fundamental
1992 Recordings From Live Performance, 1981 - 1983 Independent Project Records

Compilation albums[edit]

Date Title Label
2002 Complete Studio Box Set Mobilization Records
2010 Procession: An Aural History 1981-2010 LTM Recordings

Home videos[edit]

Date Title Label
1988 Disarmament Atavistic


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