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With Tronfjell in the background
Savalen is located in Innlandet
Savalen is located in Norway
LocationTynset/Alvdal, Innlandet
Coordinates62°14′28″N 10°28′56″E / 62.241111°N 10.482222°E / 62.241111; 10.482222Coordinates: 62°14′28″N 10°28′56″E / 62.241111°N 10.482222°E / 62.241111; 10.482222
Primary outflowsSivilla
Basin countriesNorway
Surface area15.37 km2 (5.93 sq mi)
Shore length147.99 km (29.82 mi)
Surface elevation707 m (2,320 ft)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Savalen is a lake in Innlandet country, Norway, in the municipalities Tynset and Alvdal, about 18 square kilometres.[1] The river Sivilla, which connects Savalen and Glomma, is regulated and exploited by the Savalen hydropower station (62 MW). A tourist resort is located at the northern end of the lake, with facilities for winter sport. The skating stadium is the highest located skating venue in Norway, and saw two speed skating world records set by Eric Heiden, a world record in 1,000 m in 1978, and a world record in 3,000 m speedskating in 1979. Arne Garborg's Kolbotn is located at the southern end of the lake.[1]


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