Savannah Archaeological Site

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Savannah Archaeological Site
Savannah Archaeological Site is located in Tennessee
Savannah Archaeological Site
Location within Tennessee today
Location Hardin County, Tennessee USA
Region Hardin County, Tennessee
Coordinates 35°13′30.42″N 88°15′21.04″W / 35.2251167°N 88.2558444°W / 35.2251167; -88.2558444
Cultures South Appalachian Mississippian culture
Site notes
Architectural styles platform mounds, plaza
Responsible body: private

The Savannah Archaeological Site in Hardin County, Tennessee, is a prehistoric complex of platform mounds and village of the South Appalachian Mississippian culture, a regional variation of Mississippian culture.

Site description[edit]

The Mississippian culture village and mound complex is located on the eastern bank of the Tennessee River and is covered by the modern city of Savannah, Tennessee.[1] The sixteen mounds[2] form a zig zag line nearly a mile in length along the Tennessee River. The largest of the platform mounds is located at the center of the site, and was 30 feet (9.1 m) in height. A trench circling along the east side of this line, connects with the river, at the north end and at the south end, thus the river to the west and the trench to the east, entirely encircled this ancient village. These have never been extensively excavated.

In 1830 David Robinson, a wealthy landowner and local planter, built a Federal-style home overlooking the Tennessee River on one of the mounds. The house is now known as the Cherry Mansion.[3]

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