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Suwara Ilkhanizada (1937–1976) was a Kurdish poet and writer. He was born in the village of Turjan near Bukan in the north-west of Iran. His family relocated to Bukan in the summer of 1954. He went to school in Bukan and continued his studies in Tabriz.

Suwara Ilkhanizada

In 1962, he enrolled in the judicial law department of faculty of law at the University of Tehran. In 1964, he was imprisoned for six months in Qezelqaleh prison in Tehran for his alleged ties to the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran. He graduated in 1968 and began working at the Kurdish service of Radio Tehran, where he presented a popular literary program called Tapo û Bomelêl. He died on January 14, 1976, after a car accident and a failed surgery operation at the Misaghiyye hospital in Tehran. He is buried at Hamamian cemetery near Bukan.


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  1. Xewe Berdîne (Stone Dream), poem
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  3. To Deryamî (You are my sea), poem
  4. Korpey Lêwbebar (The sick child), poem
  5. Şar (City)
  6. Xêllî Diro (Tribe of Liars)
  7. Kiçî Beyan (Daughter of Morning)
  8. Sirwey Beyanî (Breeze of Morning)
  9. Bo Kiçe Kurdê (For a Kurdish girl)
  10. Halow (Eagle)

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