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Save Indian Family (SIF) claims to be an umbrella organisation for men's rights groups in India. It was formed in 2005 by the unification of a number of men's rights groups across India.[1] SIF claims to have 50 member organisations around the globe.[1]


SIF was formed in 2005 as a Yahoo group named "Saveindianfamily" to combat what they saw as the oppression of men in Indian society. The group attracted over 10.000 members and was joined by other men's rights organisations. SIF comprises 50 men's rights NGOs who seeks support from Government to solve the various problem men faced in India.[2] [1] The Kolkata chapter of SIF was launched in 2006 in protest to the implementation of the domestic violence act and what they perceived as "legalised terrorism" by women.[3]

Since 2009, SIF and its NGOs have organised an annual men's rights conference.[2] [4] It has launched Men Helpline [5] in several cities and provinces and claims to receive up to 25 calls from abused men every day.[6]


SIF has called for male-focused governmental structures, the formation of a men's welfare ministry and a National Commission for Men to study men's issues.[7]

SIF and member organisation the National Coalition for Men criticise what they believe to be biased and anti-male laws, particularly Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) which protects wives from being harassed for refusing to pay dowries.[7][8] SIF has protested the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005.[9] CRISP (Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting), one the SIF's member groups, claimed that most Indian men commit suicide because of stress caused by women's misuse of Section 498A and the domestic violence act.[10] SIF activists say that the Domestic Violence Act also harms women because it will cause divorce rates to climb and leave women worse off after divorce.[11] SIF demands that Section IPC 498A be made bailable.[12] They also claim that due to what they see as gender-biased laws in India, one married man commits suicide every nine minutes in the country.[13]

SIF organisations have opposed efforts to criminalise marital rape, saying that consent for sex is part of marriage and that criminalising marital rape will lead to false accusations.[14][15]

SIF has been critical of the media's portrayal of men. In June 2014, SIF member organisation Save Family Foundation and some women's groups criticised a commercial which showed a wife slapping her husband because of a creaking bed. Save Indian Family stated that the commercial promoted violence against men and that violence against men on public television is ignored whereas violence against women draws strong reactions.[16]

SIF associated NGO's trying to get attention from Government by citing example of increasing trend of Suicide among Married men [17] which had been opposed by national commission of women.

Several SIF organisations have campaigned against the Sexual Harassment At Workplace Act, claiming that corporations would have to change their hiring practices. They have opposed the introduction of "Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage" as a ground for divorce.[18]

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