Save Me (Baboon song)

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"Save Me"
Single by Baboon
B-side "California Dreaming," "Disappointed"
Released 1993
Format 7" vinyl record
Genre Rock and roll
Length 7:25
Label Direct Hit Records
Producer(s) Sam McCall and Baboon
Baboon singles chronology
"Save Me"

"Save Me" is a 7" single by Baboon that was released in 1993 on Direct Hit Records.

The song "Save Me" also appears on the band's live album, 2001's A Bum Note and a Bead of Sweat. "California Dreaming" also appears on A Bum Note and a Bead of Sweat, as well as on the band's first album, 1994's Face Down in Turpentine.

The B-sides on the record are in reverse order from how they are listed on the cover.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Save Me" - 4:05
  2. "Disappointed" - 0:51
  3. "California Dreaming" - 2:29

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  • Andrew Huffstetler - vocals
  • Mike Rudnicki - guitar
  • Steven Barnett - drums
  • Bart Rogers - bass
  • Sam McCall - producer
  • Todd Ramsell - design
  • Seth A. Perisho - insert design and typesetting