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Save the Internet is a coalition of individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations led by Free Press working for the preservation of network neutrality.[1][2] The site encourages taking action against discrimination of bandwidth distribution on the Internet.


Save the Internet was founded in April 2006 in order to advocate for net neutrality.[3] When Save the Internet formed, it asserted the idea that network neutrality needed to be protected by a "First Amendment" of the Internet.[2] As the First Amendment to the United States Constitution includes protection of freedoms of speech and of the press, so would a proposed Internet first amendment protect network neutrality, which would allow for equal access to every website.[4]

January 14, 2014- Court overturned the Federal Communications Commission’s Net Neutrality due to a lawsuit by Verizon.[5]

In 2018 September late, Article 13 has to vote success or reject. Many peoples have to save own internet. Many peoples choosed reject, which means it's rejected.


This online activist organization functions mainly as a source for public awareness and as a catalyst promoting civic action, such as petitioning Congress to support net neutrality. The website also runs a blog which keeps users up to date on threats to internet neutrality, amongst other things.[6] Previous petitions garnered as many as 1.9 million signatures.[7]

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