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Save the Internet is a coalition of individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations led by Free Press working for the preservation of network neutrality.[1][2] The site encourages taking action against discrimination of bandwidth distribution on the Internet.


Save the Internet was founded in April 2006 in order to advocate for net neutrality.[3] When Save the Internet formed, it asserted the idea that network neutrality needed to be protected by a "First Amendment" of the Internet.[2] As the First Amendment to the United States Constitution includes protection of freedoms of speech and of the press, so would a proposed Internet first amendment protect network neutrality, which would allow for equal access to every website.[4]

January 14, 2014- Court overturned the Federal Communications Commission’s Net Neutrality due to a lawsuit by Verizon.[5]


This online activist organization functions mainly as a source for public awareness and as a catalyst promoting civic action, such as petitioning Congress to support net neutrality. The website also runs a blog which keeps users up to date on threats to internet neutrality, amongst other things.[6] Previous petitions garnered as many as 1.9 million signatures.[7]

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