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Town & District Capital
Savelugu is located in Ghana
Location Savelugu in Northern region
Coordinates: 9°37′N 0°50′W / 9.617°N 0.833°W / 9.617; -0.833Coordinates: 9°37′N 0°50′W / 9.617°N 0.833°W / 9.617; -0.833
Region Northern Region
District Savelugu-Nanton District
Population (2012)
 • Total 38,074[1]
Time zone GMT
 • Summer (DST) GMT (UTC)

Savelugu is a town and is the capital of Savelugu-Nanton district, a district in the Northern Region of north Ghana.[2] Savelugu has a 2012 settlement population of 38,074 people.[1]


The town of Savelugu is known as Yoo yili. Which has Senior High School with the name Savelugu Senior High School (SAVESS), a second cycle institution and the Savelugu School for the Deaf, one of the few schools for the deaf in Ghana.


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