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Town & District Capital
Savelugu is located in Ghana
Location Savelugu in Northern region
Coordinates: 9°37′N 0°50′W / 9.617°N 0.833°W / 9.617; -0.833Coordinates: 9°37′N 0°50′W / 9.617°N 0.833°W / 9.617; -0.833
Region Northern Region
District Savelugu-Nanton District
Population (2012)
 • Total 38,074[1]
Time zone GMT
 • Summer (DST) GMT (UTC)

Savelugu is a town and is the capital of Savelugu-Nanton district, a district in the Northern Region of north Ghana.[2] Savelugu has a 2012 settlement population of 38,074 people.[1]


In the 19th-century Savelugu was the center of one of the major divisions of the Dagomba and ruled over by Andani who was involved in fighting with the raiding forces of the Zabarima (emirate).[3]


The town of Savelugu is known as Yoo yili. Which has Senior High School with the name Savelugu Senior High School (SAVESS), a second cycle institution and the Savelugu School for the Deaf, one of the few schools for the deaf in Ghana.


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