Savivanh Savang

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Savivanh Savang
Born 1933
Luang Phrabang
Died 4 January 2007(2007-01-04) (aged 73–74)
Nice, France
Spouse Prince Sisumang Manivong
Full name
Savivanh Savang
House Khun Lo Dynasty
Father Sisavang Vatthana
Mother Khamphoui

Princess Savivanh Savang Manivong (1933 – 4 January 2007, Nice) was the daughter of King Savang Vatthana and Queen Khamphoui. She was educated in Luang Prabang, France and England, the princess served in the court of her father, the King of Laos, until the fall of the monarchy to communist forces in 1975. She went into exile in the city of Nice, France, where continued to politically pressure the communist government to provide human rights for women in Laos.[1]


“Currently, we Lao women have securely settled down in third countries; however, I am thinking of those of us who are still left behind in our homeland and have to face daily struggles and difficulties in their lives. They have to do what it takes for them, and their families to survive. In addition, there are alarming new threats to Lao women such as AIDS, and drugs which are spreading widely in Laos.” [1]

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