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Savo Štrbac, 2011 in Belgrade

Savo Štrbac (Serbian Cyrillic: Саво Штрбац; born 1949) is a Croatian Serb politician who is best known for being the director of the Serbian NGO "Veritas" that deals with the history of the Republic of Serbian Krajina.[1][better source needed]

Štrbac was born in Raštević, near Benkovac, PR Croatia, FPR Yugoslavia. He graduated in law at the University of Zagreb. From 1977 to 1990 he worked as a judge of the Municipal Court in Benkovac and of the District Court in Zadar. During the breakup of Yugoslavia, he was involved in the work of the RSK Commission for Prisoner Exchanges, at first as a Commission member and from 1993 as its chairman. The same year he also became Secretary of the RSK.[2]

Today he lives in Belgrade. Since 1994 he worked with the now-former chief prosecutor at the ICTY, Carla del Ponte, in preparing indictments against Croatian generals in the Trial of Gotovina et al. After the convictions of Ante Gotovina and Mlden Markač were reversed, he stated that "Croats gave huge money for generals' freedom".[3]



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