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Savoir-faire Linux
Industry Open Source Software and Digital electronics
Founded 1999; 19 years ago (1999)
Montreal, Quebec
Founder Cyrille Béraud, Jean-Christophe Derré
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, Paris, and Lyon
Area served
Key people
Cyrille Béraud
(President & CEO)
Products Helping customers develop their products
Services Business services, Product engineering, project engineering and DevOps
Number of employees
Divisions Infrastructure and Cloud/DevOps, Enterprise Applications, Web & Mobile, ERP, Product Engineering

Started in 1999 in Québec, Savoir-faire Linux is specialized in open source software and digital electronics. Savoir-faire Linux is one of the largest open source companies in Canada. Headquartered in Montreal, the company has Canadian offices in Quebec City, Ottawa, and Toronto, as well as two French offices in Paris and Lyon.


Savoir-faire was founded in 1999 by Cyrille Béraud and Jean-Christophe Derré. Today, the company has several offices in Canada (4) and France (2).


Savoir-faire Linux is certified ISOO 9001 and 14001.


Savoir-faire Linux is a silver member of The Linux Foundation.[1]

Research and development[edit]


In 2004, Cyrille Béraud initiates the development of a fully Open Source digital phone for enterprises. SFLPhone is a Softphone designed to manage an unlimited number of lines and calls for enterprises. Compliant with industry standards such as SIP and IAX, it interoperates with Asterisk, the Open Source Software PBX.[2]

Ring takes SFLPhone to the next level, by removing the bottleneck and main security risk: the centralized service. Ring uses the same technology as Bittorrent to allow users to find each other, from there allowing them to connect directly one-to-one and one-to-many.[3]


Launched in 2008, SFLVault simplifies the management of access keys and passwords to large portfolio of services.[4]

SFLvault is a networked credentials store and authentication manager. It has a client/vault (server) architecture allowing to cryptographically store and organise loads of passwords for different machines and services.


Savoir-faire Linux is working towards a free world, through the development of Free Software. The team of 100+ consultants share the same values, while focusing exclusively on these technologies. Ring and SFLVault are two examples of projects led by Savoir-faire Linux.

Savoir-faire Linux has gained recognition in Quebec by making the provincial government accountable for its IT practices. Treasury Board President Michelle Courchesne announced the Quebec Government will favour Free Software when it makes economic sense.[5] For example, the Ministry of Education could save $450 million by introducing Free Software in schools.[6]

To influence the legislator, the company first had to take the government to the court.[7] This trial also set a record in Quebec for the first live-tweeted trial.[8] Eventually, the Quebec Superior Court gave reason to Savoir-faire Linux, leading to Bill 133.[9] Savoir-faire Linux, and Cyrille Béraud in particular, has been the voice of IT businesses in Quebec throughout the public consultation for Bill 133.[10]

Savoir-faire Linux in the media[edit]

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