Savoyan League

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Savoyan League
Ligue savoisienne (French)
Liga de la Savouè (Arpitan)
Leader Patrice Abeille
Founded 1993
Headquarters 3, place du Val d'Arly
73400 Ugine
Youth wing Waiting for Freedom in Savoy
Ideology Regionalism
Colors white, red

The Savoyan League (French: Ligue savoisienne, Arpitan: Liga de la Savouè) is a regionalist and populist political party based in Savoy, France.[1]

Founded in 1993, the party supports the independence of Savoy from France and the unification of the two departments of Savoy, named Savoie and Haute-Savoie, which have belonged to France since the Treaty of Turin in 1860.[1][2] Formerly a member of the European Free Alliance,[3] the party is generally pro-European in outlook,[4] while lying on the right of the political spectrum.[5] The League co-operates with the Savoy Region Movement, which does not support independence but rather federalism and Savoyard autonomism.

In the 1998 regional elections, the League won 5.39% in Savoy (4.42% in Savoie and 6.05% in Haute-Savoie) and therefore won a seat in the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council.[2] It did not participate in the 2004 regional elections. The party, however, holds one village, Margencel.


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