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Savuto river valley as seen from Scigliano

The Savuto is a river and valley in Calabria, Italy, that lies at the intersection of the provinces of Cosenza and Catanzaro. It is also the name of a DOC wine produced in the region.

The river's source is in La Sila and it empties into the Tyrrhenian Sea, at the Gulf of Sant'Eufemia, after a run of 48 kilometres (30 mi).

The name originates from the Latin Sabutus,[1] and it may also correspond to the Greek Ocinaros ("that flows quickly"), on which there was located the ancient town of Temesa.

It is also the name of a small village near the river

The Savuto valley is home to many towns (It: comuni including: Aprigliano, Parenti, Rogliano, Santo Stefano di Rogliano, Marzi, Carpanzano, Malito, Scigliano, Pedivigliano, Altilia, Grimaldi, Aiello Calabro, Martirano, San Mango d'Aquino, Savuto, and Nocera Terinese known collectively as "towns of the Savuto" (It: Paesi del Savuto).


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