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Savvy Communications (Aust)Pty Ltd
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2005
Headquarters St Leonards, New South Wales,
Products Prepaid mobile phone

Savvytel was a mobile phone company based in St Leonards, New South Wales, Australia.


Savvytel began in 2005 with its prepaid mobile phone product launched in August 2006.[1] As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, the company bought airtime from Vodafone Australia.

The parent company, Savvy Direct, began operations in Australia as a telecommunications broker in 1992[2] after the deregulation of the Australian telecommunications market in 1991.

On 15 July 2010 the business (known by this time as Mobile Services Only Pty. Ltd) was taken into liquidation. The liquidators sold the business to Savvy Communications Pty. Ltd. on 3 August 2010 and the purchaser began porting the customer base from the Vodafone network to the Optus network.

In August 2013, the business was again taken into liquidation.[3] The company was subsequently acquired by Yatango Mobile in November 2013. [4]

In March 2015, Yatango announced that the Savvytel network will be shut down in April 2015.[5]


Prepaid mobile[edit]

Savvytel began offering prepaid mobile phone access at rates lower than traditional carriers because, under the Telecommunications Act 1997, Savvytel are able to obtain a licence to purchase airtime at a rate lower than the carrier while still able to make a profit.[6] Further, Savvytel was the first mobile phone company in the world[7] to offer call credits that never expire.[8]

Cap plans[edit]

In 2007, Savvytel introduced a range of cap plans that include calls to landlines (including over 200 international destinations), mobiles, SMS (national and international), voicemail and 13, 1-300 and 1-800 Numbers.

Other products[edit]

Savvytel also sells phone cards for prepaid calling to international destinations at a reduced rate.


Savvytel's product marketing has mostly been through the Internet and newsagents,[1] who sell their starter kits.

In 2007 Savvytel $20 starter kits were given away as runner-up prizes on the late-night Channel Nine quiz show, Quizmania.


On 4 December 2007, Money magazine announced the winners of their "Best of the Best" awards, where they aim to provide the consumer with information on the best deals in practically everything. Savvytel was the gold winner in The Best Plans – Medium Users, for their $20 cap,[citation needed] and bronze winner in The Best Plans – High Users, for their $115 cap.[citation needed]


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