Bo Nat Khann Mway

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Bo Nat Khann Mway
Sah Le Pwe.jpg
Nickname(s) Saw Lah Pwe, "Bo Moustache", "Mr. Moustache"
Born 1961
Died 13 March 2016 (aged 54)[1]
Bago, Myanmar
Allegiance Democratic Karen Benevolent Army
Rank Commander-in-chief

Internal conflict in Myanmar

Bo Nat Khann Mway (1961 – 13 March 2016), also known by his alias Saw Lah Pwe and his nicknames "Bo Moustache" and "Mr. Moustache", was a Karen military officer and commander-in-chief of the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army - Brigade 5 (DKBA-5), an insurgent group active in Kayin State, Myanmar (Burma).[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

In 2011, Bo's brigade split from the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, after he and his soldiers rejected the government's proposal for a "border guard force".[9] On 21 August 2010, two of the original five brigades under his command, comprising around 300 troops, integrated themselves into the newly formed "border guard force".[10]

On 13 March 2016, Bo died from throat cancer at a hospital in his hometown of Bago (Pegu).[1][11][12]


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