Saw a New Morning

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"Saw a New Morning"
Saw A New Morning.jpg
Single by Bee Gees
from the album Life in a Tin Can
B-side "My Life Has Been A Song"
Released March 1973
Format 7"
Recorded September 1972
The Record Plant, Los Angeles
Genre Symphonic pop
Length 4:13
Label RSO
Songwriter(s) Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb
Producer(s) Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb
Bee Gees singles chronology
"Saw a New Morning"
"Wouldn't I Be Someone"
"Saw a New Morning"
"Wouldn't I Be Someone"
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"Saw a New Morning" is the 1973 single released by the Bee Gees. It was also the group's first single released on Robert Stigwood's newly created records label RSO Records. The Bee Gees moved to Los Angeles in 1972 to record the album Life in a Tin Can which was a new direction for the group, who had been recording in England since 1967. The B-side, "My Life Has Been a Song" features lead vocal by Robin Gibb as well as Barry Gibb.[1]

Composition and recording[edit]

This song contains melodic ideas that the group would revisit on the later track "Edge of the Universe". Written in 1972 and recorded around September the same year. On the song, Maurice Gibb played the bass part through electric piano with Jim Keltner's drums providing a thump. While backing guitarist Alan Kendall plays guitar with Barry and Maurice Gibb.[2]


This single was the first and only single from the album, the single did not fare well and stalled at #94 in the US,[3] while it did not chart at all in the UK.[4] Ironically, while the single flopped in most of the world, it reached #1 in Hong Kong, as did their next single "Wouldn't I Be Someone", which also flopped in both the US and UK. "Saw a New Morning" was also the group's first single in the USA issued in stereo only, which would have not have come across on AM radio.[5]

In April 1973, they performed the song on The Midnight Special and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, in addition to a 1973 TV special called Love Sounds Special in Japan.[6]




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