Sawab (Mauritania)

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حزب الصواب
President Abdel Salem Ould Horma
Vice President Dr. Mohamed El Moctar Ould Melil
Founded 23 May 2004
Ideology Ba'athism
Arab nationalism
National affiliation CAP
Seats in the National Assembly:
0 / 147
Seats in the Senate:
0 / 56
Sawab Facebook Account

Sawab  (Arabic: حزب الصواب‎, translation: Right Path), is a small Ba'athist and Arab nationalist political party in Mauritania.[1]

The party was formed on 23 May 2004 by supporters of former Mauritanian Head of State Mohamed Khouna Ould Haidalla,[2] although the party denies any links with Haidalla.[3]

Most of the party's Ba'athists were formerly associated with the Iraqi dominated faction.[4][5] Support for the party is mainly confined to a small Arab elite.[1]

As of 2013 the party was led by Abdessalam Ould Horma, and was a member of the opposition Coalition for Pacific Alternation, along with People's Progressive Alliance and El-Wiam.[6]


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