Sawan Ko Aane Do

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Sawan Ko Aane Do
Sawan ko aane do.jpg
Sawan Ko Aane Do
Directed by Kanak Mishra
Produced by Tarachand Barjatya
Starring Arun Govil
Amrish Puri
Zarina Wahab
Rita Bhaduri
Music by Raj Kamal
Distributed by Rajshri Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Release date
  • 1979 (1979)
Country India
Language Hindi

Sawan Ko Aane Do (Hindi : सावन को आने दो English Translation: Let the Monsoon arrive) is a 1979 Rajshri Productions Hindi movie produced by Tarachand Barjatya and directed by Kanak Mishra. The film was noted for its enchanting songs and charismatic performance by Arun Govil.

The film stars Arun Govil, Zarina Wahab, Rita Bhaduri and Amrish Puri. The film's music is composed by Raj Kamal, Lyrics by Indeevar, Gauhar Kanpuri, Maya Govind and others. Songs were performed by K J Yesudas, Sulakshana Pandit, Jaspal Singh, Kalyani Mishra, and Anand Kumar C.

The film was shot mostly in the interior and outskirts of the city Lucknow.


The movie captures the very heart of rural India.The story is quite simple like most Rajshri production movies.The plot starts off with chandramukhi,the city educated daughter of the village zamindar arriving at ramnagar,a typical village.There she meets her childhood friend birju aka brij mohan.He has a lovely voice and she encourages him to pursue it.His brothers love him very much and he is often excused for not working but his sisters in law hate him for it.He has a young niece who likes him a lot.Eventually brij and chandramukhi fall in love.But chandramukhi's father cuts it abruptly and sends her to lucknow.A short while later brij arrives at lucknow.Gitanjali who happens to be chandramukhi's friend is thrilled by his voice and helps him get a job at aakashvani through her father.brij returns to ramnagar to ask chandramukhis hand in marriage but is once again rebuked.By this time her family has lost its wealth in a court case and she becomes a teacher at the local school.He returns and goes on to become a great singer in Mumbai with gita by his side.All through he yearns for chandra as she yearns for he manages to marry her forms the rest of the story.



All the songs were composed by Raj Kamal. Al most all the songs were melodious and hit, however the songs "Sawan Ko Aane Do", "Chand Jaise Mukhde Pe", "Teri Tasveer Ko", "Tujhe Dekh Kar", "Jaanam Jaanam", "Tere Bin Soona", "Bole To Baansuri" were very hit and were usually on the tongue of the youth during those days.

S.No Title Singer(s) Lyricist Duration
1 "Sawan Ko Aane Do" Jaspal Singh, Kalyani Mitra, Chorus Gauhar Kanpuri 04:10
2 "Kajre Ki Baati" Yesudas, Sulakshana Pandit Maya Govind 03:50
3 "Patthar Se Sheesha" Anand Kumar C Fauq Jaami 04:43
4 "Gagan Yeh Samjhe" Jaspal Singh, Chorus Madan Bharti 03:55
5 "Chand Jaise Mukhde Pe" Yesudas Indeevar 04:09
6 "Teri Tasveer Ko" Yesudas Fauq Jaami 04:59
7 "Tujhe Dekh Kar" Yesudas Indeevar 03:43
8 "Jaanam Jaanam" Yesudas Fauq Jaami 04:31
9 "Tere Bin Soona" Yesudas Abhilash 03:08
10 "Bole To Baansuri" Yesudas Pooran Kumar Hosh 04:02

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