Sawankhalok railway station

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Sawankhalok Station
LocationChrotwithithong Road, Muang Sawankhalok Subdistrict, Sawankhalok District.
Owned byState Railway of Thailand
Line(s)Northern Line
Other information
Station codeสว.
Preceding station   State Railway of Thailand   Following station
Northern Line
Sawankhalok Branch line

Sawankhalok Station is a railway station located in Sawankhalok District, Sukhothai. It is a Class 3 Station and is located 487.14 kilometres (302.7 mi) from Bangkok railway station. This station uses signs as signals instead of lighted poles or semaphores and is operated manually by hand. This is one of the two stations on the Northern Line that uses this signalling system, the other being Khlong Maphlap railway station, the preceding station. This station is the terminus of the Sawankhalok Branch from Ban Dara Junction.

Train services[edit]

  • Special Express No. 3 Bangkok-Sawankhalok/Sila At


  • Special Express No. 3 terminates at Sila At, not at Sawankhalok. Upon arrival at Sawankhalok, the train stops for about 15 minutes before reversing back the branch to Ban Dara and continuing up north to Sila At.
  • Special Express No. 4 does not stop at this station upon returning to Bangkok and proceeds straight to Phitsanulok from Ban Dara Junction.


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Coordinates: 17°18′53″N 99°49′56″E / 17.31472°N 99.83222°E / 17.31472; 99.83222